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Roma, Day 1


(Please note this was written at 4:26 PM on 9/22 and posted today, 9/24)

Wow. There is really no other way to put it. Sorry for not updating for a while, traveling from Vienna to Rome is no easy task and pretty much my last two days have been a lot of waiting and a lot of traveling. Ive caught up on both my sleep and my reading (Hari Seldon is the MAN). Eithere its that or the fact that the powers that be liked my last entry so much they made this the featured blog on the main site travellerspoint.com... and I didnt want to ruin whatever it was they liked so much ;-).

But alas, the time has come to post again.

I arrived last night, after a HUGE delay, in Rome at about 10:30 Pm. This was an enormous problem. I was supposed to get in at about 6:30...that would leave plenty of time to find an internet cafe and a hostel before everything closed. Getting in after everything closes with no place stay...trouble ahead.

And trouble it was, I was pretty terrified. I dont want to say my spanish was useless, because compared to Hungarian, I felt fluent in Italian. Of course I wasnt close to fluent in Italian. And I got to the center city at about 11:30 last night. Way late. Fortunatley I met up with someone with whose combined English, Italian and Spanish, he managed to communicate to me how to get to Termini...sort of the times square and port authority of Rome. When all else fauils, go to the busiest part of the city and youre bound to find something.

Eventually I did find a hostel, a Korean Youth Hostel. IT was pretty silly, but a t midnight and not knowing where else to go, I took it. They were friendly people, even if they only spoke Italian and Korean (once again communication was fairly comical).

So I was up early this morning and used their internet to find anotehr hostel. The place was a little expensive and not very social for me...seeing as my korean isnt what it used to be. So I was out early and to another hostel which I had booked by about 11. Then it was off to tour the city.


I started at the Coliseum whcih in itself is unbelievable. Its situated at the base of the Roman forum. After walking around that and the Constantine GAte, it was INTO the roman forum to walk amongst the ruins of what was once the downtown of Ancient Rome. I think I spent close to 3 hours there alone...and I left very reluctantly. To stand where Augustus stood. To stand in the Temple of the Vestals. To stand at the base of the ruins of the temple of Saturn...and so much more... just indescribable. Vienna may have had its aesthetic beauty but Rome...Rome is Rome...and I imagine very little can compare to that. (worthy of not: My camera battery died at this point, picture taking dropped exponentionally)

After that it was off to the Imperial Forum where I saw the temple of Tragam Trajans forum, Augustus's forum, and Ceasers forum. Again, stunning.

I moderninzed a little bit after that, going to the Monument to Victory Emanuel II; it was a monument commmemorating the unification of ITaly and it was a beautiful building. From tehre it was to the Capitoline which is a plaza at the top of a hull that includes a monument of Marcus Aurelius which sits in a plaza which was designed by Michelangelo. It also includes two palaces on either side of the plaza, both designed by good ol' mikey.

I was making my way to the Panthenon, but along the way it started to rain a little and the clouds looked foreboding. I made my way to the metro instead and got off at the termini bus terminal. Im five blocks away from termini and when I got off it was THUNDERSTORMING like crazy. The lightening took out the internet at the hostel, so I will post this as soon as I can.

Rome is lovely

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