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My Italian is improving!

Though I suppose it had no where to go but up in the first place...

So once again it was up well before it was light out. Unfortunatley sleep didn't come well to me last night. I had ajita about being overbooked again the following morning and I didnt fall asleep until about 12:30. From there it was two txt messages from vodafone at 1:30 and 1:45 respectively about not having money on my cell (which I already knew) and then one of my roomates going to the bathroom at 2:30 and next thing you know its 3:55 and Im up. Tragic.

So Im in downtown venice by 8 AM and, similar to Rome, its sort of wonder around until you happen upon a place to stay (otherwise, where is the adventure). After swimming across a couple of canals, I finally found a place (joke). I was completely exhausted and was soon informed I couldnt check in until las dua, which was 12 or 2, I wasn't sure which. In either event I had a lot of time to kill so I explored Venice. It is ALSO unbelievable. The canals are great and trying to navigate your way aroudn on foot is hillarious. There are so many dead ends and random canals that get in your way.

Anyway I saw a lot of sights, most of which I know little about. St. Marks bascillica was awesome, and they had a giant tower of the Plaza of St. Marks from which the view of Venice, Id imagine, was amazing. Seeing as the line was 4325436534534 people long and stretched around the plaza, I wasnt about to bum around and find out.

Moving quickly in Venice is impossible. Narrow streets and thousands of tourists, and it pretty much took 5 hours to get there and back again, by which poin my room was ready and I promptly slept for three hours.

I continued my tour, this time via public transportation which was a boat that went through the canals. I got some awesome pics on an overpriced disposable camera that I will share as soon as I get back to the states. Thats about all for the day. Just a real lot of walking .

And a word to those who are thinking about coming to Venice. its EXPENSIVE. Dont say I didn't warn you.

Tomorrow I'm up early and going to the beach before I head off to Paris, my final stop before returning to Spain. I miss you all very much and am thinking about you all.


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