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Paris Day 1



Hello from Paris everyone. Let me just say that after Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy; French feels like English. I understand a good deal of it and when I put my mind to it can speak Spanish really well with a french accent. Actually Its unbelievable, French had been burried with like 4 years of Spanish and Spanish exposure, but after just one night and one day here I feel practically fluent in it. Everything is coming back to me. I Dont know what this means for my spanish, but I did run into a guy from venezuela and it seemed like it was still around, it could finally be that I speak three languages.... naaahhh...

So my last day in Venice was kind of lame. I went to the beach early and spent the rest of the day travelling or getting ready to travel to Paris. I got in super late and stayed with my former flatmate Nadia in the suburbs of Paris. Unfortunatley she failed to tell me that staying with her meant that I would have to be up and out by 7:15 in the morning. Those of you who know me best know that before 10:30 I'm not that pleasent and that before 8...its really bad. So there I was, 7:45 sitting outside notre dame with my backpack and my laptop bag cursing up a storm at anyone who would listen. I ended up walking around a lot of paris with the pack until I Found an internet cafe and by noon had found a hostel. Once I got rid of that pack I did some exploring again and I really really really like this city. Its one of my favorites here, it definitley has that je ne se quoi that everyone talks about. My hostel is in a great part of town, right by monmartre and yesterday I went up the eifel tower, took a stroll by the l'arc de triumph, down the champs eleysee and past the l'ouvre. Its a gorgeous city and despite peoples comments about the French being rude, Ive found that as long as you make a good effort in French, they are perfectly civil. (Interestingly enough they wont speak english to you, even if its clear you are struggling with French, it wasnt that way in any other country)

The view from the tower was pretty amazing, despite the rainyness and walking down the champs d'eleysee, I couldnt help but have flash backs to Madame D's class where she'd play that song over and over again in the language lab (for all you from pelham who took french). Last night it was to a french restuarant where I ordered from the menu expecting one thing and getting something else entirelly. It was still good though. Today its off to the l'ouvre and the mussee d'orlay. I don't know how I'll fit both of these museums in one day, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Tomorrow I head back to Madrid and the following day back to the states. Unbelievable.

Look for a posting later tonight.

Miss you all very much

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