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Hey Everyone--

So its been a couple of days since I posted, but I've been busy and am still settlingin rather than travelling. I Thought I'd give you a quick update on the living situation. To begin with if any of you want my address, you know how to email me, this is a public forum and I'm not about to post my home adddy on this site. That said, I will tell you its on the Calle Juanelo and is a lot of fun. I have a number of roomates and will list them and talk a little about them.

Jose-Luis is a madrileño and has been living here for a couple of months. He´s pretty laid back, never wears a shirt (its always too hot he says) and is around the apt a lot. He´s a little quiet but is very smart.

Ruben is from Galicia and talks to me the most. Unfortunatley I understand him the least, I Run at about 40%. He loves formula one racing and buys bootleg movies before they come out and we watch them till 1 AM. He makes commments I can´t understand through the entire movie.

Paula is a chilean who I understand the best. She is my¨"ustedes" partner in crime. We rebel against any use of the vosotros pronoun. She is currently unemployed and looking for a job. She's also around the apt a lot

Sarah is an italian who speaks Spanish a little better than I do and english as well as her spanish. I told her though not to speak english to me and she's happy to oblige cause she wants to practice english anyway. She seems very social

Carina is another American who is here for another couple of weeks. She doesn't say very much and is rarely at the apt. I think I've seen her twice since I've been here. I don't really count her.

So thats it. Six of us together. Most of these people will be gone by the end of summer though which makes me sad. I am hoping to hang out with them so that I can meet some of their other Madrid friends This way when they leave I will have atleast made connections.

In other news I taught my first class today. One person in advanced english. We did a Q&A on New York and Madrid and compared the two, writing down english phrases along the way. It was pretty good all things considered.

Ok, thats it for now folks. Hope all is well back in the states and people are all getting along. I miss you all very much and will talk to you soon. Keep the emails comming


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The First Day

So I got in late last night and had a hard time falling asleep. Today started early, but I was sort of excited so I didn't have any problems getting up or anything, getting to my class was a bit dificult, I got sort of lost after I got out of the metro, but I eventually made it. By the way can I say how bizarre it is to be commuting in another city? I mean I haven't really commuted to a job in NY, but still, a diferent subway... it was bizarre.

Anyway class was work, I met some cool people and had lunch with them. A lot of americans, which is slightly disapointing, but what can you do, no one from closer than North Carolina. There are also a couple of brits, one australian and then people from other random countries as well. Its pretty cool. It was funny at lunch today I was with two americans, and two native spanish speakers and the conversation started in Spanish so me and this guy from GEorgia were talking in Spanish, then the other American started talking to the two native spanish speakers in english and I just found it funny that the two people from the US were having a conversation in Spanish while the people from Spain and Santo Domingo were talking in English. I Got a good laugh out of it, we all did.

I suppose thats it, I'm in my flat now watching american pie two with my housemates. Everything is being spoken in Spanish and its really hard to watch a movie and try to keep up with conversation, but I suppose its something I will get more used to as time goes on.

Back to work tomorrow, so I'm gonna do some work


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The end of the Southern Spain Loop

Hey Everyone--

Ok I'm a little tired and my course starts tomorrow, but I will try to give you as much info as I can on what happened in Sevilla last night and today.

To begin with my mom, grandmother and I went to a Flamenco show in Sevilla that was just incredible, really the dancing was amazing, the singing was great. We sat at a table and were served wine and a 3 course meal while watching the show. It was awesome. I have some good, but dark pictures and video from the show (more on that later)

Last night it was out for a night of drinking with the madre. After a quick phone call back to the states ;-), my mom and I had a beer with this very old man who "hated the government of America, but loved Americans." He was a little drunk and not that friendly, I don't think he actually liked americans, but was just saying that cause we were americans. We moved up the street aways and met a morrocan (spelling?) and two spaniards who were a lot of fun to talk to. One was another Bush supporter, the other two a little more apolitical. We had a nice long chat with them and spent the rest of the night at the bar. We eventually made our way back to the hotel and were in bed by 3:30 AM

We were up and out of Sevilla at about 9:30 and drove for about an hour to Cordoba where we stopped and had lunch, but that was it. I took over the driving from there and it was about a 4-5 hour drive from Cordoba to Madrid. Though my mom and grandmother deny it, I was driving the meat wagon for a solid hour in there. It was a pretty drive though.

We got back to Madrid and got my mom and grandmother situated at the hotel they are staying at for the next two days. I did my homework and came back to the piso where I met a flatmate from Chile named Paula or possibly Pabla, I couldn't tell, I was tired and it was late. Then I finished un packing y voila, here I am.

A little bit of badnews, however, I can't find my cable cord that connects my computer to my camera so there might be more of a delay on the pictures. I'm too tired to look anymore tonight, but I will turn this room upside down looking for it. Thats something I feel like I wouldn't forget in the States.

Good night all

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A little advice from UB

Here's an email I got from my Uncle Bart today. I got a good laugh out of it

To convert from Celcus to F, divide C by 5, multiply the result by 9 and add 32.
That makes 45 C divided by 5 =9 times 9 =81 plus 32 gives you 113....pretty hot But then again only Americanas go to the South of SPAIN IN jULY

Love you

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Its balls hot

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the temp as I've heard its close to 105 back in NY, but it was 45 C here in sevilla today...you can do the conversion, but remember that water boils at 100 in C so you do the math.

Yesterday, sorry for not updating, was another great day at the beach, I didn't wear my shirt the whole time on the beach and despite applying SPF 423423523 to myself every 15.4 seconds I got a little more burned. Not nearly as bad. I speant a lot of time on the med again, a fish jumped by, with in 5 feet of me, which was confusing at best and when I decided I was floating a little far out.

After the beach I decided to shave. It had been about 5 days, I was going for the skectch spanish bearded look to counteract my lobster red moron american tan. It finally got a little too itchy though so I took care of it. Then it was down to the centro where we had a nice dinner at a stake house...tapas were starting to get a little old.

We checked out of Torre at about 9 today and drove to Sevilla; the view was gorgeous, but the drive ardous. You would think that a thick, red bold line on a map meant a somewhat fast moving road... I knew it wasn't the autovia that the red and orange lines were, but still, a two lane road twisting through the mountains? I don't know It was a tough, long drive, about 4 hours and change but we made it.

We had great tapas here today when we got here, andalucian cheese is amazing and the jamon (ham..sort of) single handedly made up for the drive here this morning. The sad news was we didn't get to the cathedral before it closed, so we couldn't get inside :(. After Al Alhambra, I was looking forward to some good ol' roman catholic gothic architecture. C'est la vie, I got some good pictures from teh outside of it.

Not sure what the plan is tonight, we needed a break from the heat so we are inside now. I put my poor grandma on a baton death march around the Cathedral today so I felt pretty bad about it, though I hear I'm keeping up with a good family tradition by doing so.

I have to see some sevillanas tonight in the streets so I plan on asking at the front desk where the best place to see that dance would be. It should be a good saturday night. Tomorrow its back to Madrid and monday my class starts! Incredible, huh? Atleast then you will all be able to see my pictures.

I'm thinking of you all, hope all is well wherever you are

John Pierpont--good day

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