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Torremilenos Day 2

Med 1 - John 0

Hey everyone, time for an update.

So today was a rough day for me. I was very burned yesterday and had a little sun poisoning I think. Needless to say it was a sleepless night and I debated buying SPF 60 today--on the bottle it specified it was for "newborn babies and retarded americans."

Instead I decided to be "that guy" on the beach and wear a shirt the whole time I was out there. It was pretty brutal, half the women on the beach weren´t wearing a top and I´m wearing a white t-shirt? At least, I suppose, I didn´t get burned any worse than I ever was.

So I speant about 3 hours on the beach today, but I wasn´t really on the beach, but rather on my float in the sea with my mom on her float. It was nice, we took out a couple of beers, sunglasses, sunblock and pretty much just camped out there for the entire time. I napped a little and hardly drifted at all.

The highlight, however, was coming back in on the raft. The Med is very peaceful for the most part, except for the first 5-10 feet where the tide breaks and the waves are quite strong, it actually is a lot like jones beach. Anyway my mom and I were coming in and I´ve got a clear shot to the beach, no little kids so I´m coasting in and this HUGE wave comes and the raft catches it, so I´m thinking I´m going to get a free ride. At that moment a little kid and his sister jump infront of me. I can´t quite explain what happened next, because I´m not exactly sure. I think I tried to jump off so that I wouldn´t hit them, but it was really right when the wave was breaking so it was all over anyway. The next thing I know Im in disaster control management mode which meant prioritizing items. Number 1 was the wallet with money in it in my back pocket. Number two was preventing my bathing suit from faling off. Number three was making sure I didn´t accidently kick the little kids. Number four was my visor, 5 was my sun glasses, but I had pretty much written them off. Anything else would be a bonus.

I ended up on my right where the waves were breaking looking up. I Grabbed my visor and thren saw my sunglasses sinking. I grabbed them and then got to shore. Then I saw the raft, which I got along with the sunblock lost at sea. Speaking of my mom, I looked over, thinking she was going to be laughing at me, but she was tumbling herself. She had an empty beer can and a book she was in charge of. She elevçcted to save the empty beer can. John Grisham is now swimming with the fishes. It was fairly comical.

So I suppose thats about it. Nice seafood dinner tonight and the bar with mom and gran for a bit. ITs close to 1:30 here so I´m headed to bed. Morning comes early with these two.

Hope all is well with you all.

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Yeah, I've been to the Mediterranean

Hey everyone-

So today was a ridiculously early day for me. Up at 7:30 and out of Granada by 8:30. We were in Torremilenos (I finally nailed that spelling down) by 10. For you geography buffs out there its right to the west of Málaga. We were on the beach by noon.

I think it was by far one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been on. To begin with the sand was ridiculously hot, which is a pretty big minus. I mean so hot you'd have to run from the shade of the umbrella to the waters edge and it'd still hurt. But the water was green and I was surrounded by mountains. Off to the west you could see the Spanish side of the strait of Gibraltar and it was just picturesque. I bought a little inflatable raft and took it out past where the surf was breaking and it was about as calm as a lake. I just lied there all day in the sun on my raft on the Med. I mean all day too, My mother and Grandmother for the most part stayed on the beach, I stayed in/on the water. When it got hot on my little raft I'd roll into the Med, swim under it and get back on. There was no riptide so you could close your eyes for like minutes at a time and not have moved anywhere. It was gorgeous.

The disastrous part for me was that my mother brought only SPF 4 and granny brought SPF 0, which is also known as the Mediterranean sea, so I burned to a crisp. Its kinda bad, I'm in a lot of pain now and will definitely be wearing a lot of 45 tomorrow, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, it was picturesque. I can't even describe it.

The funniest part of the day had to be my grandmother trying to get into the Med. The surf was gentle, but you had to get out past more than 10 feet where it was pretty rough. Well she went about 5 feet and then said she was ok. It was then that I saw the three biggest waves I had seen all day approach her. The first one took her down and the second two sent her tumbling. She was yelling she was ok, so I hesitated for about 10 seconds before I went back in to help her. She's alright now, so in retrospect its funny (she thinks its hilarious), but at the time people (including myself, my mom and half the beach) thougth maybe it was a serious problem. Granny left the beach about 15 minutes after that incident.

The Hotel is gorgeous with a great view. I Took some good pictures of that, so they will be up when I get back to Madrid. I will remember to bring my camera to the beach with me tomorrow so you can all see me "chillaxin" on the Med tomorrow.

Its about 11 and I'm wiped, though I Think I'm going to head down to the Terrace Bar for a drink with people a little closer to my age. I miss you all a real lot and love the emails I've gotten from you. Please keep them coming.


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Granada day 2

La Alhambra

Today was a bit of a sleep in day for me.. I slept till 10:30. After that it was up and off to La Alhambra. We speant the better part of the day there. It was actually a very pretty little castle. It was built in the 13th century and became the muslim capital in Europe. It was also the last Muslim stronghold to fall to Ferdinand and Isabella hundreads of years later.

It was actually quite beautiful with an awesome view over the mountains and the city. It was packed with tourists however and avoiding them was pretty dificult to do. The big groups with pushy people were the worst. I don't know, on the whole I was surprised that it was the largest tourist attraction in Spain. Not that it wasn't completely beautiful, some of the architecture was stunning. It just didnt have that same overwhelming feel of a medeival cathedral or castle that I like so much.

After that it was on to Ferdinand's and Isabella's tomb in the Capilla real of Granada. That was ofcourse pretty cool, to see the tombs of where they are kept.

I suppose thats about it. No crazy arguments with any Spanish people today. I think the plan is to take it easy from here on in... we have a sort of a long drive to torremilano and an adventure of finding a hotel room for us for one day... the dates that were booked didn't quite line up with our actual ittenerary. C'est la vie I suppose.

Hope all is well with you all back in the States.

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Madrid to Granada--A cornell and a half of a drive

Hey everyone--

So its been a couple of days since I've posted and people are already complaining about me not posting picuters. I have taken a couple here in Granada, but I am going to be a lot better starting now.

Yesterday was a fun day. I (my mom) moved me into my apartment and I met a couple of housemates. Its a busy place with people moving in and out all of the time. Apparently a lot of people smoke, which is a minus, but managable. Really its a small price to pay for the quality of the apt.

After moving in we had a cerveza at a local place where we met two spaniards who started to talk to us. We got to chatting and he mentioned he was a bush/aznar fan and a fan of the war. So I thought that was pretty cool and we started talking politics in Spanish and then I realized he was a little nutso, wanting to "kill them all when they were young" Arabs, that is.

So of course I immediatley start arguing that point and sooner rather than later we are yelling at each other in Spanish about how we should fight the war. Then a waiter, who looked we think was gay, came over and started arguing agianst the war. So all three of us start yelling at each other and making a scene. It was a lot of fun.

Then we headed home and took it easy for the rest of the day. Today we went to Grenada. My mom started driving and I took over a little while in. It was sort of a crash course in driving stick since my total hours driving stick before today was about 15 minutes. But I did well, it was easy on the highway and while we were lost in Grenada I only stalled twice. I got damn good at it by the end.

So thats where we are now, at the hotel in Granada. We are going to do lots of sight seeing tomorrow here and just take it easy tonight. We got some baileys and a couple beers, so it should be a fun easy night.

I suppose thats about it. Feel free to email me and I'll get back to you ASAP. Look for more updates soon.


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Piso found!

Piso means apartment

So after an ardous day of looking at a variety of diferent apartments in all areas of Madrid I finally settled on one not even 5 blocks from where I´m staying now. Its an apt just south of the plaza mayor, 380€ a month, internet and gastos included. I´m pretty excited about it. The one apt holds 7 people and everyone is international. Right now and till the end of august there is one spanish person and an italian. By september a french couple, a chilean, and a german are going to be moving in. I think its going to be pretty cool. It is a very social place, kind of like a dorm to be honest, with a common area, a kitchen and two bathrooms. People seemed really nice and Spanish seems to be the lingua franca in the apt, which is good, though the italian speaks a little english.

I hope all is well with you all. I miss the States already, though I have to say I can´t BELIEVE how well my spanish is holding up. Last time I was here I was running at like 50%, I´m damn near 100 now. Anyway please feel free to email me whenever, I´m always in an internet café at some point. Im also working on a cell phone so as soon as I have that up, you will all get the number.


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