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Made it to Madrid

Disaster in Stockholm!

I am currently at an internet café with my mom and my grandmother and we are apt hunting via madrid loquo where I have gotten near 20 responses to my posting on the internet.

Getting here was rough. My flight was delayed 1hr45mins which was pretty much all of my layover time in stockholm so I had to cut everyone in customs and security and run my ass to another terminal and just when I got there (they speak sweedish by the way) I hear over the loudspeaker ¨last call for John Pieropnt to Madrid¨so I justbarely made it.

The airport in Madrid was tricky too, mostly cause my mom and grandma and I had no way of getting in touch with each otehr, so we called home and coordinated through my dad. 2 hours later we were safely on our way to getting lost on our way to Madrid.

I will post more later. Email m¨: john.pierpont@gmail.com

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Second Test

Second Test

Ok so I took the liberty of subscribing some of you to my travel blog.. rather than send out mass emails that people just skim, I figured it'd be nicer to get a little link saying I updated and then you can read it at your leisure. Its fine to unsubscribe if you like

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The Day Before

Not in Spain Yet

I'm not in Spain yet, this is just my first entry, the day before I leave, as a test

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